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We all know by now that we are living in a digital age and the way we communicate online has evolved dramatically in recent years! One of the most engaging forms of content for social media is video, which is why all the social media apps have jumped on the bandwagon to ensure video is able to be utilised on their platform.

According to SproutSocial over 66% of consumers report short form video to be THE MOST engaging type of content for in feed social media content, and we wholeheartedly agree. Short form video content is going to help increase your brand awareness, boost engagement and is a cost-effective way to help connect with your audience.

Now I know you’re thinking, did they really just say cost effective?!, and yes, we did! Short form video for social media requires fewer resources compared to longer, high-production videos. Many creators use their phones and apps (like CapCut) to film and edit their videos into attention-grabbing pieces of content – perfect for social media.

Here’s a few video content ideas for you to test –

  1. Aspirational/aesthetic: This is all about the vibes! Create short video content focused solely on how aesthetically pleasing your product or service is. Everyone loves looking at beautiful, aspirational things.
  2. Trending Content: Get on board with the trends and create your video around what’s trending online! Just be sure to link it to your business. Your audience will appreciate it like it’s just an inside joke you share.
  3. Product Teasers: Sharing quick glimpses of new products creates excitement around your new drop. Keep it mysterious and don’t share all the info, but make sure to share your release date. Everyone loves a little bit of teasing!
  4. Quick Tips: Education, education, education! Creating quick tips will not only help educate your viewer on your business, but it positions you as an authority in your space. It’s a win – win for all!
  5. User-Generated Content: Similar to testimonials UGC is one of the most trustworthy forms of video content. The content feels more authentic, as it’s usually everyday people talking about how much they love your products and service from their POV.

We hope this has given you enough inspiration to get your video on! Incorporating short form video content into your marketing strategy is going to help you boost your brand and get you audience engaged in what you’re selling.

But of course if it hasn’t and you really want someone to just do it for you, we are always here to help. You’re our Barbie – we only have a great day when you want our help!

P.s. If you’re reading this outside of 2023, Barbie was trending okay! We have our finger on the pulse!