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Utilising video in your marketing on social media is the latest craze – because, quite simply, it works. However, filming your business 24/7 and posting it on socials isn’t the way to go. There are a lot of common issues we see businesses run into when they try to start using videos, so here’s a list of them to help you out and avoid making the same mistakes as everyone else!

You forgot your call-to-action
What is the point of your video? What do you want your potential customers to do after they’ve watched it? Your video should end with a call-to-action – something simple and easy to follow that makes sense based on the content of your video, which leads us to the second common mistake…

You thought you didn’t need a headline
This applies to two places – first, in the copy attached to your video. Just because you’re posting a video doesn’t mean that anyone is going to watch it unless you give them a reason to, so it’s crucial that your copy still invokes interest immediately.
The second place this applies is in the video itself – you need to give your audience a reason to watch past the first ten seconds, which makes those first ten seconds crucial – just like a newspaper headline. Treat the opening of your video like a headline and make it as engaging as possible!

It feels like you ‘filmed it on a potato’
Those of you that have spent time in YouTube comments may have heard the phrase ‘filmed on a potato’ before – for those that haven’t, it means that your audio and/or video quality is too low, and as such, your video is unwatchable. With modern smart phones you can easily film in 1080p HD or even 4K but watch out for simple mistakes like shaky hands or loud background noises. It’s a real shame to finish what should be a great video only to find that all you can hear is the traffic outside, or that the employee who was filming for you was, it turns out, nursing a terrible hangover, and couldn’t keep their hands steady. You don’t need to hire a professional videographer to do your videos, but you do need to pay some attention and take care while you’re filming.

Avoid these three mistakes and you should end up with a good-quality video that attracts attention and keeps it – which should lead on to enquiries, sales and overall success!

If your business needs more video then we would love to help – just give us a call or visit our Contact page and send us an enquiry.