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So you’re looking to make your life easier, be more productive with your time, or think that an AI tool can do a better job of something than you can? Great! Understanding where we can improve is the first step to actually improving.

We’ve come across quite a few AI tools over the last 18 months and have a few that we think are great and are finding ourselves using constantly. We’ve written a short guide below on what they are and what we’re using them for.

First up, to nobody’s surprise, is ChatGPT.

ChatGPT is probably the most famous of all AI tools, and the name has already become synonymous with AI in general. Contrary to popular belief, ChatGPT is not about to steal your job – but it will make you better at your job, or give you more time to do other things you’d rather do. Here’s how:

  • ChatGPT is great at generating content. If you want to send a marketing email to your database about a special offer, simply tell it to generate the copy for you! If you can tell it what kind of demographic your customers generally fall into, and give it a couple of specific points to mention, it can fill in the rest in seconds and tailor the content to the type of tone your audience engages with.
  • ChatGPT is also very good at brainstorming – take the headache away from tasks like thinking of subject matter for social media posts by asking ChatGPT to do it for you instead! You can even tell it to utilise key dates in the calendar to highlight holidays and celebrations.

Do you have lots of meetings in your business and struggle to keep on top of everything? Try an AI minute keeper like! (and other similar tools) record your meeting and use AI to recognise who is speaking, where you are, and transcribe everything spoken in the meeting itself. It then offers a summary of the meeting, plus to-do lists for everything mentioned. In our experience it’s very accurate and this is a really great way to build confidence that your meeting hasn’t been a waste of everyone’s time.

If you’re someone who loves to ponder on big ideas but doesn’t like to get stuck into the component parts that will take you there, try ClickUp for AI project management.

ClickUp takes your idea as a prompt and turns it into actionable tasks to make it happen. As an example, if you tell ClickUp ‘visit empire state building’ the tool will generate a list consisting of ‘book flights, get travel insurance, find a hotel’. The more detail you give it, the more tasks it can define for you.

That’s just a few ways we’ve found AI can help our business (not that we’re planning on visiting the Empire State Building any time soon) and we think they can help yours too. Of course, if you’re struggling to get the results you want, consider calling us for a chat instead.